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Extra virgin olive oil Santa Ninfa


Our farm is located in the cultivation area of Nocellara del Belice, between the municipalities of Santa Ninfa and Campobello di Mazara, in the province of Trapani. The name of the territory comes from the ancient ruin of the 700 AC built on an older Arabian farmhouse. A family run farm, with a surface of 33 hectares, develops among the green hills of the Belice Valley, where the olive has millennia roots.
From our passion is born Liiga, an extra virgin olive oil in Santa Ninfa with a superb character, which will conquer your tables. We cultivate olive trees in full respect of the environment, without any use of chemicals, and with a clever pruning technique that opens wide spaces in the vegetation that allow the olives good exposure to sunlight.

Olio extravergine Trapani
Harvesting is done entirely by hand, since it is a variety of early olive trees, to better preserve the organoleptic properties and takes place between the last ten days of October and early November. Olives are crushed with a cold pressing within twelve hours of harvesting, without water addition, in modern stainless steel implants with centrifugal extraction. The obtained oil is of green color, with golden reflections and has an intense fruity aroma and an acidity within 0.2%.
The result is an excellent product with a sweet, enveloping taste, a niche product for true connoisseurs; used raw, gives flavors to the traditional dishes and dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Extra virgin olive oil Liiga has limited production and is on the market in milk, 3, 5, 10 and 25 liters, and in elegant bottles of 250,500 and 750 ml.